El pueblo es superior a sus dirigentes (2018)

The people are superior to their leaders

Aguilar is interested in the political discourse of the historical leaders of the continent and how they reflect ideas and situations analogous or related to those that occur in their region. Upon his arrival in Colombia, he unequivocally fixed his attention on Jorge Eliécer Gaitán, who was interested in the form of his speech, which evokes that of the world leaders of the left and right during the first half of the century.

But above all, he was intrigued by his sonority, consistent with his musical training and sensitivity. From Gaitán’s speeches, Aguilar decided to extract a representative phrase: “The people are superior to their leaders”, which marks the pluralist orientation of the disappeared Colombian leader.

The artist then moves this voice to four different ways:
A musical score of the sonority and the inflections of the voice; a writing in Braille, that does not take place in relief, but like points of gunpowder; “Pueblo” written in Braille with train nails collected in the main train station destroyed during El Bogotazo ; And finally a corpse from the translation of last Gaitán’s speech made of gunpowder and ashes over the ground.